Canada's Multi-Mission Aircraft

Canada's Multi-Mission Aircraft Team

The Ideal Canadian Multi-Mission and Anti-Submarine Warfare Aircraft

Bombardier Defense & General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada Join Forces to Deliver a Made-in-Canada Solution

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To deliver the next-generation of multi-mission and anti-submarine warfare aircraft that is the right solution for the Canadian Multi-Mission Aircraft (CMMA) program, Bombardier Defense is partnering with General Dynamics Mission SystemsCanada. Leveraging their combined extensive expertise, these Canadian-based companies are joining forces as Canada’s Multi-Mission Aircraft Team.

The solution offered is based on the Global 6500 aircraft, the right-sized jet for the CMMA with next-generation engines, long-range, high endurance, and coupled with proven reliability and superior fuel efficiency as documented in the jet’s recently published Environmental Product Declaration. The aircraft will play home to General Dynamics’ best-in-class integrated mission systems, drawing directly from experience developing and delivering the newly modernized CP140 Block IV and CH-148 Cyclone.  

A truly innovative and flexible Canadian solution, that understands the reality of Canada, is the right choice for CMMA

A Canadian Story

In Canada, Bombardier employs more than 11,000 people and has a significant impact on the national economic growth, contributing nearly $5.7 billion in GDP in 2021.

Bombardier Defense leverages its expertise to support a fleet of over 500 specialized business aircraft in-service worldwide. This fleet has logged over 3 million fleet hours and extends to more than 160 operators and 50 countries.

General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada is a leader among Canada’s defense technology companies with a worldwide reputation for excellence. Established in 1948, General Dynamics has been a trusted and reliable partner to Canada’s National Defence for decades.

In Canada, General Dynamics directly employs more than 4,200 employees, sustains another 16,200 jobs across Canada, and contributes over $1.8 Billion in GDP.

According to PwC Canada’s report, published in July 2023, awarding the CMMA program to Bombardier, $2.8 billion in GDP will be generated over the contract period, in addition to the current contributions to the economy made by Bombardier, as well as more than 22,650 well-paying and full-time jobs will be sustained.


This generational opportunity can open the door to generate ongoing long term economic growth for Canada, with potential exports to international markets.

Canadian-based companies that can work with domestic industry to meet Canada’s defense needs and enhance domestic innovation and exports should be leveraged.

Bombardier and General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada products are reliable, trusted, and customizable for special missions.

The Global 6500 Aircraft

Imbued with advanced technology, our Global 6500 aircraft can perform special missions around the world with its exceptional capabilities in speed, range, endurance, surveillance, and payload.


Renowned for their outstanding performance in the most strenuous of conditions and situations, our aircraft’s reliability and operational efficiency have made them the go-to-choice for governments and agencies around the world.


These aircraft offer unparalleled in-service support, custom mission enhancers and continuous investment in product upgrades to ensure readiness.


This next-generation platform has integrated mission management systems, data links, and weapons and store management, giving it full operational interoperability with Canada’s allied nations.

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General Dynamics' distributed acoustics processing technology helps acoustic sensor operators detect, localize, and classify submarines better than anyone else in the world,24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Airborne Anti-Submarine Warfare

General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada providesa suite of functional software modules for fixed-wing, rotary-wing, shipborne, and uncrewed configurations.

General Dynamics Mission SystemsCanada provides leading-edge, intuitive, reliable solutions include field-proven sonobuoy processing systems and a suite of functional software modules for fixed-wing, rotary-wing, shipborne, and uncrewed configurations.

These aircraft are built in Canada

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Always Mission Ready: Highlights

US Air Force BACN

As part of the critical Battle Area Communication Node (BACN) program, Bombardier’s Global aircraft serve as high-altitude communications gateways that is interoperable with US Air Force and allied assets, relaying or bridging voice and data between air and surface forces and handily surmounting traditional obstacles such as mountains, rough terrain or distance.

Bombardier Defense - US Air Force Battle Area Communication Node (BACN)