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Rega Air Ambulance Medevac - Challenger 650
Photography by Swiss Air-Rescue Rega ©2020.

When lives are on the line, medevac aircraft must be ready to respond at a moment’s notice. Bombardier has been delivering medevac aircraft for over four decades, with aircraft in more than 20 countries that have flown more than 1.75 million hours combined. Our aircraft can be equipped as dedicated medevac or be provisioned with “quick change” capability, allowing them to be used as a traditional business aircraft when needed.

Class-leading spaciousness

Bombardier business jets have the speed and range to respond quickly to emergencies. Our cabins can accommodate multiple configurations: 

Challenger 650 Rega

Challenger 650

The Challenger 650 aircraft has the widest-in-class passenger door, cabin space for up to 4 stretchers, up to 4,000 nm range and reliability to be the next generation of a proven life-saving platform.

Photography by Swiss Air-Rescue Rega ©2020.

Global platform

The Global aircraft has cabin space for up to 8 stretchers, unrivalled available electrical power, worldwide range, smooth ride for patient comfort, and proven reliability.

Global 6000 medevac
Rega Challenger 650 Gibraltar

Ready to go

Bombardier jets have demonstrated their ability to access airfields in remote regions, extreme climates and in challenging weather conditions. Bombardier’s signature smooth ride technology, low cabin altitude and spacious and versatile cabin layouts ensure both patients and medical staff delivering emergency care are transported in a safe and stable environment. For long range missions onboard Global aircraft, dedicated crew rest areas are available. 

Photography by Swiss Air-Rescue Rega ©2020.

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